Real People. Real Love.


eDarling breaks up with Models

In their new TV campaign eDarling shows real couples instead of paid models.

Paare am SetEurope-wide eDarling is the first online matchmaker who shows real couples in their new TV spots. This is right in the spirit of the new claim „Real people. Real love.”. All protagonists met their partners by having been matched by eDarling. Thereby, eDarling makes a clear statement in a market that usually relies on actors, models and scripts.
By April 20, the first spots of eDarling’s new TV campaign will be on air in Germany, Austria, France and Spain. The new concept shows 21 couples talking about their experiences with online dating and the first dates with their actual partner. These statements are just as emotional as humorous, and clearly document eDarling’s matching competence.

Honesty counts

For Bettina Blümner the TV campaign’s director authenticity is at the core of the concept. This was the main reason why eDarling decided to work with her. She is one of the most famous German directors specialized on documentary. In 2008 she won the German film award for her documentary “Prinzessinnenbad”.
In a market where the competitors rely on actors, models and scripts, David Khalil, founder and managing director of eDarling intends to initiate a change with the new campaign. “Honesty and trust are not only essential in long-term relationships but also part of our brand values. Letting our couples speak for us is ‘a must’ for our communication. We are proud of this campaign.”

Many different couples

Annika und Mathias

In more than 40 spots many different couples are talking about their story how they found their true love. Managing director Kai Rieke is pleased about the great variety of the campaign. “This way the campaign keeps interesting for the audience. At the same time it points out that online dating is popular and socially accepted by now.”

Behind the scenes

The eDarling couples can tell wonderful and touching stories about their love. Unfortunately, the spots are too short to tell them in detail. The stories, more pictures and videos are presented on the campaign site „Real people. Real love.“ A making-of video gives an impression about the shooting. On the edarling youtube channel all TV spots are available.